Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top ten benefits of turning 40.

I've been really down on turning 40 lately, but I thought to celebrate the milestone, I would look on the bright side. So, here are my Top Ten benefits of turning 40:

10. Not so offended when the young lady at the gas station calls me "sir."
9. Lower car insurance rates.
8. I don't feel self-conscious saying, "back in the day."
7. New (slower) qualifying standard for the Boston Marathon!
6. The clothes and hair I had in high school are now in style again.
5. With old(er) age comes great perspective - little things seem little.
4. When college students say, "wow, I didn't realize you were that old," now I just agree with them.
3. Built-in excuse for achy muscles.
2. Oh, now the gray hair makes sense!

and the number 1 benefit of turning 40:

1. Three words: New Age Group.

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